Interview with Authority Magazine

Check out this Interview I did with Authority Magazine here! We talked about Filmmaking, Writing, Dictating your own career and Believing in yourself!

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Dinner Time

A young boy races home to dinner. On the way he meets a potentially dangerous new friend.

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East Wind

I was a shield from the sun, I was a barrier from the heat a half twist with ends flowing free I was protective, restorative now lowly debris...


The Duct Tape Snare, the sticky adhesive trap So very cruelly snatching the lock from its home Making the work more than work. Ruining a day, Ruining a style. Off-black number 2. Silky Yaki left tangled and tattered. Womyn in STEM Female electrical engineer, don’t be discouraged. We need you. -New Orleans, LA

Unilateral Grease

Script to Screen Good Morning Antioch commercial parody Only the finest of blubbers from the oldest of space whales goes into our grease.Each handcrafted batch is emulsified for 220 days until it reaches slick wet perfection. It's the thick, rich, blackness of lubrical antilight.Bearing burnout is impossible with Unilateral Plus Bearing Oil.Unilateral. Your balls are... Continue Reading →

The A.MM.I.T. from BANCOM

Script to Screen. Good Morning Antioch commercial parody It may be more expensive, but we have Government contracts.It may be wet to the touch, but It's always warm.Introducing the all-new Advanced Mucosal-Mechanical Interpersonal-Technology Communications Mod From BANCOM.The First Com-Tablet that draws it's power DIRECTLY from you.Its sophisticated interface allows the AMMIT to harness your own... Continue Reading →

School’s Out

Purple-Red pony twist Shiny shimmer in the late afternoon sun Compliments a Tawny complexion Offsetting the drab Green and Grey uniform prison Chocolate Cherry-ColaAuburn no. T530 Dress code violation no. 7

MTA Borough Hall 2345R

The hustle and bustle⁣the stress and struggle⁣.Bumping pushing pressing ⁣ancient tiles, mosaic of technology⁣.Urine soaked walls, marks of society⁣.Every day one way⁣work, responsibility, family.One way tracks to tomorrow⁣.But today,⁣today, ⁣I go my own way.⁣⁣Photo from Jessica R. MTA Subway - Borough Hall/Court St (R/2/3/4/5)

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