For many years I worked in Los Angeles as an actress but I’ve always found that the types of roles I wanted to play weren’t always as available as I would have wanted. 

I love strange, unsettling tales that blend across genres of science fiction, and horror, and urban fantasy, some hopeful, most dark, and almost all with absurdist elements and satyrical undertones.  

A very fancy way of saying weird. 

I like weird.  

And if you like weird too hang out with me for a bit. I’ll be posting some of my own short stories, poems and curated fictions that speak to me.   

You can follow my science fiction Podcast Good Morning Antioch where We follow the mining ship the BMSS Antioch As the navigate  underemployment with the most evil corporation in the galaxy.   GoodMorningAntioch.com

You can also visit TCADNetwork.com. There you will find:

TCAD podcast I co-host with Actor and Producer Donald Chambers.  In the podcast we touch on all things in the entertainment industry.  

TCAD TEN MIN TAKE our short 10 min movie reviews.

Assorted articles and musings on all things film and TV.  

If you want to keep up with me as an actor you can follow me at CherraeLStuart.com. there you will find all the latest news and content.

Also Hit me up on Social Media 

Twitter @ActorOnTheEdge 

INSTA @cherraeokaay

FB  facebook.com/CherraeLStuart/

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