East Wind

I was a shield from the sun, I was a barrier from the heat a half twist with ends flowing free I was protective, restorative now lowly debris...


The Duct Tape Snare, the sticky adhesive trap So very cruelly snatching the lock from its home Making the work more than work. Ruining a day, Ruining a style. Off-black number 2. Silky Yaki left tangled and tattered. Womyn in STEM Female electrical engineer, don’t be discouraged. We need you. -New Orleans, LA

School’s Out

Purple-Red pony twist Shiny shimmer in the late afternoon sun Compliments a Tawny complexion Offsetting the drab Green and Grey uniform prison Chocolate Cherry-ColaAuburn no. T530 Dress code violation no. 7

MTA Borough Hall 2345R

The hustle and bustle⁣the stress and struggle⁣.Bumping pushing pressing ⁣ancient tiles, mosaic of technology⁣.Urine soaked walls, marks of society⁣.Every day one way⁣work, responsibility, family.One way tracks to tomorrow⁣.But today,⁣today, ⁣I go my own way.⁣⁣Photo from Jessica R. MTA Subway - Borough Hall/Court St (R/2/3/4/5)

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